mindIT was founded in 2007 by Mark Van Vessem and Wilson Sands.  We were tired of the traditional hourly computer services model. There was no reason to do a really good job or to go above and beyond. The worse you do, the more the client has to call, the more hours can be charged. We wanted to change that. So we did.

With a monthly unlimited support model, you don't have to hesitate getting a hold of us. Once that email is sent off, you aren't going to be knocked for $125 like with other IT companies. 

We're in it for the long haul. We don't expect to make a profit on a new client for many months. It's a lot of work to clean up a neglected computer infrastructure. We encourage our technicians to stay at your office longer if it means fewer problems down the road.

Our goal is to act as an employee for you. We are glad to assist with any technology needs-- even if it's not our expertise, we will act as a representative for you in helping with purchasing decisions or dealing with other vendors. Think of us as your savvy nephew, but with decades of professional experience.

We think you should be able to concentrate on using technology to improve your business, not having to concentrate on managing (or kicking) the technology itself. Our goal is to pay attention to all the boring, technical stuff for you so you can do what you actually love.

We love the work we do. We love having clients who stick with us for years because everything just works. We love making things work so that you can get back to work. 

(We also provide medical billing services for medical providers! Check us out at www.codesmedicalbilling.com.)

The team at our 2014 Christmas party

The team at our 2014 Christmas party